Our company is a professional natural stones manufacturer that has been created in 1999. We are experienced and ambitious company that is continuously developing. Due to our excessive experience and technical advancement we our capable of creating a lot of beautiful products from natural stones.


We have natural stones such as marble, granite, onyx, travertine, and conglomerates that come from Italy, Brasil, India, Spain, China and even from Africa. We are direct importers from prestigious mines world-wide. Due to our longterm cooperation with various companies, we are able to offer the best price that comes with magnificent quality of materials.


Why natural sones? Well, except for its originality of patterns and colors, natural stones such as granite and marble can be characterized by its functionality and practicality.


Granite as a natural stone is extremely firm, it is scratch-proof, discoloration-proof and also it is resistant to high and low temperatures. Granite plays many important roles at home: as kitchen countertops, bathroom countertops, floors, and stairs. Its high resistance to different situations and weather is the reason why granite stays beautiful for years.


Marble has extremely unique colors. Every slabs is original and unrepeatable. Its beautiful colors makes marble perfect for bathrooms. Marble bathrooms are magnificent and practical. Due to the lower resistance for temperature changes, marble does not fit for kitchen countertops.


Our company is placed in Slawoborze near Kolobrzeg (30 km) and Koszalin (50 km), near the road that connects Szczecin with Gdansk, and also Poznan with Kolobrzeg. To the German border there is only 130 km. We are working in West Pomerania and cross-border German lands.